The main purpose of cold room systems can be summarized as creating an environment which is cooled in a way that food products can be kept longer time than it is possible under normal conditions and humidity conditions can be controlled and which is insulated against increment of heat and humidity.

The function of cold storage room should be to provide an unchanged temperature and relative humidity as far as it is possible. Even if it is in a short time, each rise of temperature causes an acceleration on generation of microorganisms. For that reason, panels and accessories that will be used for cold room systems have crucial importance for cold storage rooms and systems.

Flat and corrugated surfaced sandwich panels which contribute directly high energy consumption is produced with a high technology as a part of Cold Storage Rooms and Systems, and they are assembled and installed.

 Advantages of Cold Storage Systems

  • Practical and fast assembly and disassembly property.
  • Saving time and space.
  • Energy saving up to 40 %.
  • Easily cleaning property.
  • Use of hygienic and resistible surface material.
  • They are re-usable and portable.
  • . The fact that they are easily checkable by eye and there is no need for maintenance makes cold storages rooms indispensable for insulation.