As well as of materials used for  wall and ceiling panels in Cold Storage Rooms, the quality of  materials used for Floor Panels are  very important. Floor panels, as wall and ceiling panels, are produced in 7 different thickness. Panels have 2000 kg/m² (2 tons) distributed carrying capacity. Also, nonslip CrNİ or 200 –micron- PVC plated sheet on plywood can be used on surface optionally and for a particular project.

The products of Nurdağ Panel  are A + + Energy Efficient,  Protected, Environmentally Friendly, and produced in facilities which are in line with  conditions of the  Health Ministry and Food Regulation

Floor Panel Properties

As a standard production, upper surface is 10 mm-thick plywood, and lower surface is interlocking panel system which includes galvanized 42(±2) density polyurethane between sheets

According to application need for a particular project:

  • They can be produced in 80mm-100mm-150mm thickness.
  • They can be produced up to 6 m in length with a standard 120 mm in width.
  • The upper surface of panel can be produced from plywood or chrome plated plywood, and the lower surface of panel can be produced from galvanized or chrome plated sheet.