The substance from which insulating material is made and its thickness value are crucially important in insulating Cold Storage Room.

Cold Room Systems Storage Room insulations are usually made in two ways: The first one from these is classical constructional- type- storage room insulation. The other, which is more modern, is prefabricated panel application with polyurethane filling, and it is today the most preferred A + + cold room system.

As it is seen in visuals, sandwich panels are divided into two groups as Flat and Corrugated Sandwich Panel. We, as Nurdağ COOLING Panel Systems, provide production and assembly of both flat and corrugated sandwich panels according to preference and project.

Industrial Type Sandwich Panels Technical Properties:

Both their sides (including also ceiling and wall) are galvanization -lined and polyester- painted.  Production is made by injecting 42 (±2) density polyurethane substance between two sheets with a trapeze.

As  sandwich panel surface material; polyester and PVC, CRNI, plastisol, or galvanized sheet can be preferred. As cold room wall panels are specially produced, they fully absorb heat and cold air by joining wall and ceiling panels.

 Flat and Corrugated Surfaced Sandwich Panels which contribute directly to high energy consumption is produced with a high technology.

  •  Practical and fast assembly and disassembly property.
  • Saving time and space.
  • Energy saving up to 40 %.
  • Easily cleaning property.
  • Use of hygienic and resistible surface material.
  • They are re-usable and portable.
  • The fact that they are easily checkable by eye and there is no need for maintenance make cold storages rooms indispensable for insulation.




According to the need in a particular project, products up to 50 mm – 60 mm – 80 mm – 100 mm – 120 mm – 150 mm – 200 mm thickness can be produced,

The products of Nurdağ Panel  are A + + Energy Efficient,  Protected, Environmentally Friendly,  Produced in facilities in line with conditions of the Health Ministry and Food Regulation, and warranted.